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About Fungi Amazonica

Fungi Amazonica is a company that started in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest with the mission of bringing mushroom knowledge to the region in order to enhance the lives of the people, improve their relationship with nature, and to help people live more sustainably, making use of the potential of fungi. Fungi Amazonica aims to teach farmers in Amazonian villages how to recognize, sustainably harvest, and cultivate useful species of fungi so that they might use this knowledge to better their economy, health, and farming practices. At this time we teach the villagers we work with in the Peruvian Amazon how to recognize and sustainably harvest local reishi mushrooms, which they sell to us at a profitable price. We then make and offer for sale, a high quality extract. So that you may enjoy the many tharapeutic benefits of Amazon Rainforest reishi mushrooms while supporting a good cause.Jere with mushrooms



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